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Recurve Bows You Need to Try

Recurve Bow

Try these Recurve Bows

If you a big fan of the recurve bows, then you got to the right place.

In this article, we will talk about our top 6 recurve bows. You have to try to have the best possible experience.

This type of recurve bow is perfect for every person no matter is he’s a beginner or a professional. Due to being lightweight and easy to transport. You will be happy to hear that they also work even more efficiently than traditional longbows.

You will have a fantastic experience working with recurve bows.

On the market, you will find many different types of recurve bows you can try, but some are way better than others.

If you are looking for one of the best recurve bows on the market, then here are six of the best ones you can test.

1. PSE Razorback 

This model the Razorback of recurve bows is one of those products that will please anyone at its accessible for a low price.

Even though it is 6 feet long and it weighs 1.8 pounds, this is one of those recurve bow that is not difficult to use, but more of a lightweight product you will enjoy using.

This bow has been created using a solid piece of wood that will not make the bow collapsible.

Although it will not come with some accessories, the PSE bow is pretty impressive itself being the perfect choice for a beginner.

An affordable starter bow great for kids, youth and even adult women and is especially durable for the price mentioned earlier.

All you need is one of the quality recurve bows and the desire the use it for some fun!

 2. Samick Sage

The Samick Sage bow can be bought in a variety of sizes, which is perfect if you need a small size one when you’re not that tall.

Usually, the price will depend on its size, but definitely, you can find it between for a good price.

Samick-Sage-Takedown a reason

This bow comes with an arrow rest and also, a B-50 bowstring.

Also, it is useful to know how easily compatible it is with the Samick Sage Hunting Kit.

This is a kit that contains more valuable accessories for one of your favorite recurve bows.

3. Southwest Archery Spyder

The Southwest Archery Spyder can be used both by a beginner and an intermediate archer.

This specific bow is nothing more than an inspired upgrade of the Samick Sage recurve bows that contains more features in the package.

You will love to hear that this bow comes with a couple of accessories, such as a stringer, a riser, an arrow rest, besides being quickly upgradable for its accessories.

Typically, the 64-inch recurve bows do not cost too much.

4. Bear Archery Super Kodiak

This bow is probably the most expensive one from this list, but with a really good price for the Bear Super Kodiak.

The Bear Archery Super Kodiak is one of those bows that are perfect for an intermediate to an expert archer.

This bow is one of those recurve bows that can offer you the accuracy and the efficiency you might be looking for.

Also, it is one of those bows that will charm you with their beautiful design.

This 60-inch longbow is the perfect option for those bowhunting trips you always wanted to experience.

All in one, you should remember that it is so easy to use you don’t have to worry about using it on both field or target archery with your friends.

5. Obert Archery Takedown Bow

The Obert Archery Takedown Bow is one of those available recurve bows that you look for when you are on a tight budget. The quality-price balance is right, and you will enjoy using it.

With a lightweight of only 60 pounds and a low price so you will love it.

No matter if you are a beginner, this is one of those perfect recurve bows for you.

This bow is created out of fiberglass, and it only comes with the bow and string.

If you want to add it to some accessories, you will have to purchase them separately.

When all you want is a no-frills bow on a tight budget, this is the ideal option for you.

6. Mandarin Duck Phantom last of the recurve bows

The last one of the 6 Recurve bows we agreed to talk about is just as accessible as the previous one.

This the Mandarin Duck Phantom Bow is the ideal option for you if looking for an affordable product.

It would help to hear that this is one of those Recurve bows that are easy to transport. Yes because it is collapsible.

The bow length is just 56 inches, and the maximum draw length has 29 inches. So it’s best to know that it is a perfect fit for small archers.

It would be best if you remembered that it is pretty rare to find a collapsible Recurve bows at a low price.


It’s always best to have a little knowledge of what the market has to offer to make the best possible decision.

Buying Recurve bows, it’s not easy, especially when you have no idea of what you are looking for or what is suitable for you.

The six options of Recurve bows we offered you are the perfect example of what you should be analyzing and possibly purchasing for your next archery adventure.

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