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Health Benefits of Archery

Health Benefits Of Archery

Archery Health Benefits

Are you looking to get fit and wondering what are the health benefits of archery while enjoying your favorite sport?

Well, it seems you just got lucky because this sport has plenty of advantages to offer besides being fun and entertaining. You should know that some bows are more difficult to draw, and they require more strength from you while others are easier.

Also, you will need a lot of concentration to line up a shot and not miss the target. These two things are the physical advantages of using a bow because you will build muscles and develop your mental strength. Let’s go deeper into the subject.



The higher weight bow it is, you will need a little more power to use it properly. Don’t think the lower-powered ones are a piece of cake to draw too.

Especially when you are using a Recurve bow, Compound bow, or Longbow, you will challenge all your back and arm muscles when holding the drawback before taking the shot.


Drawing these types of bows will help you build and develop your chest, hands, arms, and upper back muscles, which is nothing but a good thing for your good looks.


For pulling the perfect shot, you need to make everything perfect. From your feet placement, angle in which you stand, the bow pointing direction, the grip of the bow, hand-eye coordination, all must be flawless.

All these things matter when you want to pull the perfect shot, especially if it’s a long one.


Shooting with a bow is an activity that will take an extended period. You will not become an expert in a single day, that’s for sure! As we talked in previous lines, learning to shoot a bow will help you develop your muscles.

Some studies even say that you can burn almost 140 calories per hour when shooting a bow. Not to mention, you will also walk much time to retrieve your arrows, so your feet will be used too.

So you can see the health benefits of archery.


Even though archery is not as dynamic as other sports, this will help you develop your focusing skills to pull that perfect shot.

With every practice, your focusing skills will get better, and you will shoot better. You will be able to use the ability to focus on any other life situation that requires maximum concentration.


You may not know this, but archery is a social sport. Although it is not a team sport, in the range you will have the chance to meet more archers of various experience levels.

This is the perfect way to make friends that have the same hobby as you do and enjoy time together. If you like challenges, you can even join a team and start participating in team events.

That should be fun, right?


Like any other sport, it is all about the game. You can compete with other people, but mostly, you can challenge your old self to see if you got better.

Competitions will help you develop your skills faster, receive tips from more experienced shooters, and even boost your self-esteem once you notice skill improvements.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Archery

Health Benefits of Archery

Improves hand-eye coordination and balance:

Archery is one of that rare sports that will challenge your hands to do teamwork for best results while lining up your mind with your eyes and hands.

Coordination is a skill that takes a lot of time and practice. Don’t be disappointed that your beginner skills don’t fastly escalate to expert level. Have patience with yourself!

Also, balance is one key point in the success of archers.

You should be able to stay still while aiming and until you shoot.

Hand and finger flexibility:

Archery is the perfect opportunity to increase your hands and fingers strength.

In time, they will become more flexible since you are using them while aiming a target.

Strength building:

As we talked earlier, the arms, core, hands, chest, and shoulders, they all work together to shoot at your target. An interesting fact is that you will put similar tension on these body parts as if you were lifting weights. In time, drawing and firing your bow will help you develop your muscles when it comes to your upper body.

Increasing your patience:

Many people have a problem with patience, and this sport can help them. This particular sport is one that takes a lot of patience to get the best results. Speed is not essential here, but precision.

Increasing your focus:

Similar to building the „patience muscle,” attention is something to develop and train in time.

Shooting the bow to hit the target is all about becoming one with the bow and preview hitting the target.

Once you learned to focus, you can use it in any other situation, sport-related or not.

Improving confidence: When you challenge yourself alone or in front of other people, every little success turns into a big victory. That’s how self-esteem is built.


Social sport:

As we discussed earlier, archery is nothing more than a social sport because you will meet similar people at the shooting range. People of all ages come here and share your passion. You will be amazed at how many people love it!


Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean you go to the gym, but archery too. For example, in competition, archers have to walk approximately five miles while carrying their heavy loads.


Archery is one of those sports where you don’t have to chit-chat with anyone. It’s only you, the bow, and the target. Silence is all around you, and you can relax your mind.

No discrimination:

This sport takes in every person without discriminating. Disabled people can practice it too. Even blind people can do it using a piece of special tactile equipment. How cool is that?


Archery is genuinely an amazing sport that brings you fun, joy, and so many benefits. You can discover everything it has to offer when you will first go to the shooting range and see for yourself. Give archery a try, and we promise you will not regret it!

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