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Different Types of Archery

Wow Compound Bow

Within Archery there are so many different types of archery and bows, but an Archery Bow is older than the medieval type of weapon that we are used to. It allowed people to hunt and protect themselves from foreign invasion. We see them in movies, and we love them.

You should know that you can use one too. Although you may think it’s dangerous, shooting a bow is not that difficult or hazardous as long as some simple rules are followed.

Different types of archery

There are many different types of archery, like target archery, field archery, 3d archery, traditional archery and bowhunting.

Each of these is different, and each of them can offer you exercise, and new skills increased personal health and Adrenaline rush in obtaining new and personal goals.

Target archery

target archery

Of the different types of archery, this is the type we all have seen in movies. It involves an archer, some targets set at a distance ranging from 20 up to 70 meters for the Olympics and more, a bow, and 3 to 6 arrows to shoot depending on the round.

Classic, easy to understand, with the metric system the target is ten at the centre progressing down from 9 to 1 with each ring. But the English system is a bit more complicated starting the centre at 9 in the yellow rings progressing down to 7 in the red rings and then, 5 in the blue and, three is scored in the black rings. One is scored in the white rings, with six arrows being shot the highest score would be 54 per end and two ends are around and depending on which competition your shooting, i.e. short junior Warwick with two rounds in it at 30 meters and then two rounds at 20 meters or the other end of the scale is a York 6 rounds at 100 meters 4 rounds at 80 meters 2 rounds at 60 meters.

Both beginners and experienced archers can try both indoors and outdoors all year round. Also, the Olympic Games with international archers competing from all different countries occur every 4 yrs, but international competitions can be seen throughout the year at various locations.

Field archery

If you are a person that loves spending time outdoors or hiking, then this again is another of the different types of archery, you will love it is just for you. It’s fun to shoot at a bulls-eye target that is situated along a roving course in the woods, to shoot downhill or try up a different hill elevation create different problems.

experience field archery

It can be the challenge you have long waited for, and you can make great memories out of it.


3d archery

Although it doesn’t involve stepping in the woods, 3d archery has its particular charm. This type of archery introduces unique angles while creating some new ways to use a bow for fun.

Obert Archery Vintage Recurve Bow
3d comes from the virtual life-size plastic animal shapes that will challenge archers at each station. The targets have different dimensions that vary from skunks to massive elk set along a course similar to a hiking trail.

Traditional Archery

This type of archery is the simplest one of all the different types of archery. Just imagine a bow, a target, and an archer. There are no things to distract you from your goal, to hit the target right in the middle.

There are no sights or gadgets in this type of archery. Everything is uncomplicated and easy. Just fun and relaxation while working your muscles and learning to focus better.

The bow is also a traditional one, usually a wooden stave in one piece no sights no arrows holders. It’s down to you how you hold your bow how you judge the distance and elevations.

The famous English longbow, the beautiful flowing curves of a field recurve bow or the most elegant double eastern European and Asian bows used on horseback Usually wooden arrows and those among you who wish to be true to the sport make their own.

Barebow Archery

Traditional archery also has another name Barebow archery, but in fact, the usage of these terms is different in that barebow archery means competitive shooting without sights.

These traditional archery bows usually are of recurve type with metal handle sections, called risers. But they do feature two essential limbs, and a grip, string and riser; but with no gadgetry (wheels, cables, or sights). 

Everything is left so that the archer to have fun and enjoy the challenge of traditional archery.

Additionally, traditional archery does include longbows as well as the recurve bows; these might be all wood or even made from a modern material (metal, carbon fiber).


Bowhunting is all about sourcing organic meat. All this while you have the opportunity to learn more about wildlife in its environment and even explore nature.

When you release an arrow for the first time, it is something magical. The sound of the arrow soar through the air is something you will not forget too fast. This captivating experience will charm you forever, and you will not regret it in time.

Do not worry even if you are new to archery but eager to try it. Everything is simple and easy to learn. All it takes is a couple of instructions and the desire to try something new. You will get to love it once you give it a try.

It’s easy to get started. All you need is to find the time, place, and equipment to try a new sport that will offer you adrenaline and emotion.

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