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Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow

Centerpoint Sniper 370

SNIPER 370 CROSSBOW – Introduction.


If you are purchasing the very best crossbow for the money, you may intend to look at what Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow needs to use. Sturdy, exact, fast, and budget-friendly, the Sniper 370 crossbow is easy to operate.

Are you looking for a quiet, durable, and high-performance crossbow, you need to look no further than this CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow, which can sometimes be part of a package.

It is among the cheapest as well as hunter-friendly crossbows you can locate on the marketplace today. It includes various useful attributes that are often part of an accessories package. In this comprehensive Sniper 370 crossbow evaluation, we discover what makes this crossbow stick out from its competitors to turn into one of the most effective CenterPoint crossbows on the marketplace.


SNIPER 370 CROSSBOW – Product Review.


CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow.

Width: 21 inches (uncocked), 18 inches (cocked).

OVERALL LENGTH: 36.5 inches

Weight: 7.9 lbs.

Trigger Pull: 5 pounds.?3.5 pounds

Draw Weight: 185 pounds.

Arrow Speed: 370 FPS.

Kinetic Energy: 130 lbs.

Auto-dry fire defense.

Ambidextrous safety and security trigger.

String suppressors which will minimize sound.

CenterPoint Sniper is a brand name of Crosman and also manufactured under this corporation. It is a CNC machined cam system, made from long-lasting as well as a lightweight material.

The rail of the crossbow is aluminum.

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SNIPER 370 CROSSBOW – Functions & Features.


Key Features.


Lightweight with a long-lasting rail.

Auto-safety mechanism

Anti Dry Fire for preventing a dry firing of the crossbow.

Fully-adjustable stock and foregrip.

Integrated String Suppressors are giving a quiet and vibration-free shot.

Customized fit to shoulder with a fully adjustable stock and forearm.

Quad-limbs plus CNC machined cam system and machined rail.


The Sniper 370 Crossbow loaded with beneficial functions that you’ll typically not find in budget crossbow models.  




Sniper 370 is a much better selection for a newbie or an individual that seeks their first crossbow. Although the crossbow is substantial, the constructed design is lightweight and also sturdy. Its stock gives a more tactical want to the crossbow. It has a CNC machined cam system that pushes bolt at a rate of 370 feet per second.


The crossbow has 185 lbs draw weight that a novice can make use of effortlessly. In general, it has better-built quality at an excellent price.


Something that sets the Sniper 370 apart is its design. This crossbow was created for its toughness and also efficiency. It includes an adjustable AR-style stock and a compatible hold, which enable you to customize the crossbow to your needs.


Its camouflage coating makes it an excellent selection for a hunting bow. Its machined-aluminum building and construction make it sturdy and adequate to hold up against the timbers’ harshness.


The added string suppressors added by Centerpoint are for a quieter and a vibration-free shot.

This crossbow weighing only 7.9 pounds makes it very lightweight and more comfortable to carry in the field. 

The almost skeletal design makes the weight stay low, keeping this a perfect crossbow with its easier maneuverability.


For additional comfort, the Sniper 370 comes with a shoulder sling to better carry the crossbow. It is surprisingly easy to cock with such a high draw weight, but the rope cocking device makes this process a lot easier. 


SNIPER 370 CROSSBOW – Performance.


The Sniper 370 provides an excellent powerful, as well as a precise weapon. Most crossbows in its class have arrow speeds of 300 FPS; this Sniper design can accomplish approximately 370 FPS. With this speed, the Sniper 370 can produce as much as 128 ft-lbs of kinetic energy, depending upon the weight (grain) of the arrow used.


For comparison, that is about double the kinetic energy recommended for taking care of even the toughest game. CenterPoint does not disappoint when it comes to precision. 

With the Sniper 370, shots will generally hit the center of the target at a distance of 50 yards without making any kind of adjustments to the bow.


The major downside of the Centerpoint Sniper 370 is that the trigger has significant trigger creep. Trigger creep describes the distance the trigger needs to travel before it discharges the arrow. This trigger creep can spoil your accuracy. But it won’t be so much of a problem when you do get used to it.


The CenterPoint sniper offers excellent reliability and accuracy for any shots taken within a 40-yard range. Some hunters have claimed to have hit bulls-eye even at a 50-yards. Its sheer power and precision combined with the CNC machined cams and quad limbs make it quite a remarkable weapon.


SNIPER 370 CROSSBOW – Convenience & Safety.


It is essential to choose a crossbow that is comfortable to use. Or else, there’ll be a considerable risk of hurting yourself or others. The Sniper 370 has an adjustable buttstock and foregrip, which helps you discover the most appropriate setup.


The foregrip lies under the rail positioned to reduce the possibility of placing your fingers in the wrong location. 

This positioning minimizes the possibility of having a stray finger obtaining a hit as the arrowhead is released.


An additional remarkable feature of this bow is the anti-dry fire device. This attribute stops the unintended launch of the bowstrings before you have fully cocked your weapon. As soon as you’ve cocked the bow, safety and security are triggered instantly.


This crossbow additionally includes ambidextrous safety launch permitting you to release the security with either hand, supporting a seamless shot.

The cocking rope helps you to cock the crossbow uniformly on both sides, reducing the threat of an off shot and, therefore, decreasing the danger of injuries.


SNIPER 370 CROSSBOW – Accessories.

This crossbow typically features vital accessories in the bundle that will match your expectations.


The CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow.

A cocking rope.

Four × 32mm illuminated Scope.

A quiver for four arrowheads.

Three 20-inch carbon bolts.

A shoulder sling.

Owner’s handbook.

Warranty card.


You may need to construct your Sniper 370 before you can utilize it.


The scope consisted of 4 × 32 resolution of the crossbow. It includes crosshair and circles in red as well as environment-friendly as well as has a calibration set of 40 yards.

The illumination is not exactly superior, but it still makes an impressive efficiency and also boosts accuracy.


Cocking Device.


The rope cocker lowers the weight you require to pull down by 50% the marketed draw weight. In a crank cocking to reduce the weight, you need to pull.


Quiver and Arrows.


It has a quiver holding three bolts that suit both camo or black depending on the variation you select.

The bow quivers are somewhat hefty, so primarily lug bolts are favored as they are light.




The bolts have 375-grain overall weight carbon bolts. 

They are weighing 275 grains for the carbon shaft and 100 grains for the area factor.

The heavier grain broadheads or bolts boosts the energy and K.E. in hunting situations. 

The 20-inch bolts will grain 425 instead of 375 grain. The heavy bolts can improve your hunting experience with the Sniper 370.




Broadheads of 100grains or even more, are advised for use on the Sniper 370.




The Sniper 370 includes a Four × 32 mm scope, specially designed for crossbows.

This scope is short and compact and not ideal for low light conditions. But is illuminated, as well as featuring five brightness setups.

When effectively viewed, the scope permits you to see one-inch patterns at approximately 30 yards. That’s impressive for a factory scope mounted on such a budget-friendly crossbow.

You can set the illuminations to eco-friendly or red depending on what you like.

This scope offers over-sized crosshairs that even poorly sighted users can find easily. 

Sighting in is made so much easier by these crosshairs.


Sighting of your crossbow.


Starting at 10 yards from the target and check and adjust crossbow sight till achieving accurate shooting, then move back to 20 yards and begin again.


Moving back in 10-yard increments to check the crossbow’s performance out to 40 yards


One important sighting aspect is that the shooter must remember to wax the rail and bowstring every 12 to 15 shots.


Shooters will discover that their most accurate arrows will be clean and straight, flying off a lightly-oiled rail. 


Noise Suppression.


A good hunting bow must behave and also be peaceful. The Sniper 370 equipped with string suppressors that reduce vibration and, hence, minimize sound. Consequently, this results in improved accuracy.

Promoting the sound suppression initiative is the rubber-coated foot stirrup.






Durable and lightweight.

Compact, as well as durable design.

An affordable price as well as is a dependable crossbow.

A better crossbow for beginners as well as has an excellent FPS.

Has a flexible stock and foregrip.

The crossbow has an effective anti-dry fire mechanism.

Constructed from better high-quality products and also is well-balanced.

Includes superior shooting speed and string silencers.

Has quickly flexible AR-style stock.




The quality of scopes could be much better.

The flexible supply is a little bit noisy and clunky.

Trigger creep problems.

This crossbow is front heavy.

The accessories all made from economical materials.


SNIPER 370 CROSSBOW – Endorsement.


The Sniper 370 is a beautiful crossbow and is fairly valued, especially for the attributes that consist of what the majority of hunters will undoubtedly need.

A good find if you are looking for a powerful crossbow with advanced features without paying premium rates.

The CenterPoint Sniper 370 crossbow is an excellent acquisition for you.

The handbook and also directions on numerous CenterPoint Sniper 370 crossbow assessments online might not work.

We suggest you find someone, possibly at your local archery, which will recognize how to assemble the crossbow safely.

Nevertheless, if you have previously put together a crossbow, you ought to have no trouble obtaining the Sniper 370 all set for the job.

Below’s an excellent set up from the box guide.



SNIPER 370 CROSSBOW – Final Words.


The Sniper 370 is among one of the most potent and outstanding crossbows offered under $300. It can make an excellent selection for a beginner. 

The overall weight of the bow is light, and it can give better efficiency with minimal modifications.

It is highly exact and also efficient in bolts at a speed of approximately 370 fps built for significant hunting.


The overall superior quality of the Sniper 370 guarantees fantastic efficiency. You can easily use it to target small or more significant sized game.


This crossbow is worth taking a look at for such a low price compared to other crossbow packages.


The Sniper 370 is a high-performance crossbow that is lightweight and very portable, leaving you free from back injuries. 


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